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Mediation is one of the alternatives-to-court dispute resolution mechanisms in which the parties voluntarily discuss their disputes in a private conference with the assistance of a trained impartial third person(s) called a Mediator, who assists them in reaching a negotiated settlement.

 The dispute may either be pending in court or potentially a dispute which may be filed in court. At CMC we mediate disputes relating to commercial transactions, personal injury, labor and industrial relations, Family matters, community relations, employment among others.


Arbitration is also a private non-judicial process for the settlement of disputes where, by agreement of disputing parties, the dispute is submitted to an independent third party called an arbitrator who makes a decision that is binding called an award.

 Arbitration is different from Mediation in that the Arbitrator makes the decision that is binding upon the parties to the dispute while a Mediator facilitates the generation of a solution to the dispute by the parties themselves.


This is a hybrid approach that combines the benefits of both Mediation and Arbitration. In this process, parties first attempt to collaborate on an agreement with the help of a mediator. If the mediation ends in impasse, or if issues remain unresolved, the parties can then move on to arbitration.

 The mediator can assume the role of arbitrator (where qualified) and render a binding decision quickly, or an arbitrator can take over the case after consulting with the mediator. CMC’s panel of Mediators and Arbitrators are highly skilled in this process to serve the particular needs of our clients.


This is the process where a dispute is referred to arbitration before mediation is attempted. If a resolution to the dispute is reached through the mediation then their mediated settlement may be recorded as a consent award. However if the parties are unable to settle their dispute through mediation, they may continue with the arbitration proceedings to final award.

In all the above processes CMC arbitrator(s) and mediator(s) are separately and independently appointed under the respective applicable arbitration rules and mediation rules of the Centre.


Coast Mediation Centre in conjunction with the Mediation Training Institute (I) East Africa (MTI) E.A, offers a range of in house training & consultancy in conflict management. We provide a range of in-house training and consultancy in conflict management and dispute resolution. All workshops, which are highly interactive and focus on communication skills, can be tailored to your own requirements.

CMC and (MTI) E.A work together to ensure continued training for both mediators and private clients with a primary objective of raising the awareness of Mediation and other Alternative Dispute Resolution services.

We offer the following courses in conflict management:

  • Mediation Awareness Training
  • Mediation Advocacy
  • Preparing for my Mediation
  • Conflict Avoidance and Management Techniques
  • Comparative Dispute processing
  • Skills training programmes leading to professional certification.

Advocacy and Public Awareness

 In line with our mission of promoting mediation and other Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms as the preferred choice of conflict resolution we are looking at increasing public awareness of the use of ADR by engaging more meaningfully with the public to ensure that there is understanding of the efficacy and the use of ADR mechanisms in the resolution of disputes

We are working at educating the public and empowering them to take responsibility and have an active role in the resolution of the disputes that arise through the use of swifter, cost effective and more confidential solutions.

Consultancy and Advisory Services

CMC offers independent expert consulting services that meet the exclusive needs of the requesting body, groups and organizations in the development of conflict and dispute resolution. We do conflict audits for our clients to enable them measure the cost of conflict in their organizations and advice on how best those costs can be reduced if not eradicated all together by tailor making   programmes that help their teams address issues better amongst themselves.

Probono services

As disputes are varied it is important that you know the best path to take in order to resolve your disputes. We therefore offer up to 0.5hrs free mediation consultancy in order that you can be fully appraised of the options available to you without risk. Through this process the professionals at CMC can assist you to ensure that the route you choose is the right one for you.

On a need be basis and upon a thorough scrutiny we will take up probono matters to conclusion based on our committee rules.

Let’s work together

Our highly experienced case managers are committed to ensuring the prompt and efficient case administration you require, with reasonable filing fees. Hearings may be scheduled at our offices or at any location agreeable to the parties.